Genuine step-in and ratchet binding in one product

Freedom 1.0 (22/23)

Click, click and your boot fits perfectly. Ready to ride!

With our patented locking mechanism, the entry works even in deep powder and when ice forms on the binding. The high-quality buckles and straps made of cold-resistant TPU give you the precisely fitting feeling of a ratchet binding. The CLEW® harmonizes with any boot and board - you have the freedom of choice. Fast.Simple.Durable!

CLEW® Freedom 1.0 (22/23)


by Alex Turner

In this video I give my review of how the CLEW have performed for me this far after 5 days of riding!

Closer look

by GoodReview

In this video we'll be taking a closer look at the CLEW® Step-In bindings which are compatible with any snowboard boot and turn your setup into a step-in setup.

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